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Behind the Scenes - Our First Year as a Private Company (again)

By Bret Piatt
Jan 6, 2017

Overall Grade on Year One: B+

TLDR: We spun Jungle Disk out of then public Rackspace to operate it as a private company one year ago today and “didn’t break anything”, got a lot done, and didn’t get some things done we wanted.

One year ago today, we moved into the basement of the Rand Building on Houston Street in downtown San Antonio. The San Antonio Business Journal came to visit us during the first week and took a great photo.

Our Goals for Year One -


Overall grade of a B+ feels good for the first year. If you’re a customer and disagree with our goals or the grade I’d like to hear from you. Email me: bret@jungledisk.com (Yes, that’s my real email. Yes, I actually read it – not an assistant.) Here’s to a great 2017, where we can get our grade up to an A to deliver the best value to 2-250 employee businesses who need data security and appreciate a quality experience.