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Email Archiving - The Newest Addition to the Jungle Disk Data Security Suite

By Wes Dunn
Feb 14, 2017

I am very excited to announce that we are adding a third product to the Jungle Disk Data Security Suite, Email Archiving. Starting today, our Email Archiving service is globally available for new and existing customers utilizing Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 as an email provider. Pricing starts at just $5 per archived mailbox.

In essence, this service works alongside an email service provider and creates a copy of all communications flowing in and out of a domain.These copies are kept secure and off-site, but features one very key difference from a basic backup - the archived copies are read-only and cannot be deleted by anyone. It’s common to hear this type of storage described as WORM compliant (Write Once, Read Many).

Businesses in the medical, legal and financial services fields are often required to be able to produce records of communications for legal matters, which can be tricky and time consuming without an E-Discovery tool/service. The Jungle Disk Email Archiving service offers a powerful E-Discovery tool for users that makes it simple to search and hold email communications for audits, legal matters and more.

Personally, my favorite feature is Insights, an analytics system that scans the contents of your email archive and provides a detailed dashboard with statistics and information around how a company is using email and what is included in those email communications. Using advanced indexing and pattern matching technology, users will be able to monitor their email usage for sensitive data that should not be included in emails. I believe that Insights could completely change the way small businesses think about and take action on their email.

In addition to the features discussed above, our Email Archiving offer also includes:

How can I get started?

Whether you’re only planning to archive a few of your business’ mailboxes or all of them, you can get started by signing up here. We have experts available to help walk you through the initial setup process to make things as simple as possible.