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IP Security Cameras: Vulnerabilities and How To Protect Yourself

By Del Peñano
Mar 15, 2017

Protecting our home is important for most of us, so we take precautions to lock our doors, windows and even have an alarm system, which may include an Internet Protocol (IP) camera. We have these safeguards in place for a good reason - to protect our home, family and belongings. Here are some startling FBI statistics on home burglaries:

Due to these statistics, consumers have installed IP cameras to monitor their home(s), which includes the ability to view the camera footage via a web app. In case you weren’t aware, the WiFi enabled features can pose some security vulnerabilities.

In 2014, 73,000 unsecured cameras were hacked and made available to the general public and of that 11,064 of the unsecured cameras were in the United States. The United States is still No.1 for unsecured security cameras, compared to other countries. What a scary stat!

These statistics show that no system is free from hackers, but we can at least make it difficult for them to access your Internet of Things (IoT) devices and in this instance IP cameras. A few tips and best practices to help protect your IoT devices are:

Taking some of these extra steps may help protect your personal and family privacy. If we don’t take these precautions, there is always someone who’s ready to hack your network and potentially access your IP camera. To check your network for potential vulnerabilities, please feel free to take a complementary network test here.