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Network Security Test: What the Jungle Disk Shield Test is Doing

By Beth Watts
Mar 29, 2017

What’s the Network Security Test Doing?

If you’re curious about how secure your network is today, we recommend running the free Jungle Disk Network Security Test. The test is basically a quick and comprehensive network security test that takes two minutes to run and provides a report on potential vulnerabilities in your network. But what is the Shield Test actually doing? I have outlined what a manual test would look like for your reference below.

If you are having trouble adjusting your firewall to meet the criteria above, feel free to contact us at Jungle Disk, so you can schedule a demo of our Network Threat Protection product. It is a unified threat management tool that will help protect you from the threats I’ve outlined above. Once you receive your device, we can help you configure it, so you can pass this test with flying colors!