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My Business Uses Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Why Do We Need Another Backup Solution?

By Trey Fischer
Apr 10, 2017

One misconception about cloud-based storage is that it is an infallible solution to a business’ storage and backup needs and protecting critical data. Some businesses operate under the assumptions that the cloud never fails, it is always available and that their data is never at risk. Unfortunately, I am here to tell you that that is simply not the case. All providers, regardless of their size, reputation or technical abilities have issues or problems that arise from time to time that might put your data at risk. I want to highlight some of those possible issues for you and the reasons that keeping a second copy of your data at a secondary provider is so important for your business.

First, it is no secret that cyberattacks are on the rise. Small and large businesses alike are often targets of cybercriminals whose attacks have become quite lucrative for them. Even Google, one of the most reputable and widely recognized tech companies in the world, is not immune.

Example Cyberattacks

One recent example, is the cyberattack known as Googligan, a malware that targets Google accounts and injects ads on users smartphones and tablets. It also steals authentication tokens in order to take data from many of Google’s most popular applications including Google Drive. You can read more about this cyberattack here. If you are using Google Drive as your sole data backup solution, your data may be at risk.

Another reason your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive data may be at risk is because of CryptoLocker malware. CryptoLocker malware is known for encrypting all of your files and demanding a ransom in exchange for getting your data back. Hackers are using online drives for distributing it, and almost all of the the big backup services have been impacted. These include Google Drive and OneDrive. If you are only using one of these services to backup your data, your data may still be vulnerable.

Moral of the Story

No matter where you store your business’ data, you should always keep a secondary copy at a secondary provider. Even Google Drive and OneDrive are not immune to cyberattacks which may put your business’ critical data at risk. A secondary cloud storage solution is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of not having a readily available secondary copy of your critical business’ data that is irreplaceable.