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Seven Secrets for a Better LinkedIn Profile with Scherer Communications

By Christina Weaver
Apr 14, 2017

This morning, Jungle Disk sponsored a “7 Secrets for a Better LinkedIn Profile” workshop hosted by Matt Scherer, CEO at Scherer Communications. The two-hour, hands-on workshop walked attendees through best practices around maintaining a successful LinkedIn profile to communicate your expertise and work experience as a business professional.

During the workshop, Matt walked us through several exercises to help everyone build a professional and informative LinkedIn profile. Exercises included ensuring your profile picture makes an impression, highlighting the top things that people need to know about your background and current/past work experience and developing a summary that shows your work passions. Also, during the discussion, Matt asked attendees to discuss how they use LinkedIn as a marketing tool and any concerns around using it for marketing purposes.

For anyone that is on the job hunt, looking for a new opportunity or just wanting to get your LinkedIn profile spiffed up, definitely reach out to Matt to find out when he is hosting another workshop!

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