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IT Procurement: Am I Being Sold or Consulted? | Jungle Disk

By John Garza
Jul 6, 2017

Nobody wants buyer’s remorse and whether you are buying a pair of running shoes, a set of golf clubs or a new car, every buyer wants that warm, fuzzy feeling they get when they know they landed a good deal and got something they confidently know is going to work great. This even applies to IT purchases.

For those that have had to make IT acquisitions for their company, they fully understand the potential pain of having to gather multiple quotes, having many conversations that last more than an hour each, and then dig through all the material that each salesperson will send over for their review. So, how do you know you are getting the most for your money? How can you ensure that you aren’t shopping on price alone (you get what you pay for right)? Here are some things to consider when you are tasked to go make that important purchase.

Be aware of “too Good to be true” price plans.

While getting a great deal is important, you shouldn’t focus solely on getting the lowest price. Rather, focus on getting a fair price for the best value. Some IT companies love to throw out terms like “unlimited storage” and “unlimited users” because they know they can play to your vulnerabilities with terms that will make your CFO think you’re a hero. The bottom line here is you probably don’t need unlimited anything and while having the option to have those things seems valuable, the reality is that every company on earth has a bottom line to look after so you have to ask yourself where else is the company skimping to make this work. Downtime, unreliable support and company endurance should be things you think about when faced with these deals.

Don’t seek to be a customer. Find a business that will be your IT partner.

There are times when being a just a customer is absolutely okay. When I buy a chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A, I don’t need a deep personal relationship (although I may not mind it) with the staff to make sure they serve my needs. It’s a simple purchase and they are great at it so being a customer is completely okay here.

When purchasing a data security suite that will guard your company’s most valuable assets, is when choosing a the right IT partner is a huge deal. Look for someone that’s a specialist and not a generalist. Find a company that has an excellent offer at a fair price. Choose someone that has been in the business for a lengthy period of time and has a track record of success. Lastly, deal with a company that is willing to have a personal relationship with you and gives you open lines of communication to their staff.

Avoid sellers that have their best interests in mind.

Ever bought something just to get the salesperson off your back? How about buying something from a crafty seller even though you knew it wasn’t the best choice. If you want to make smart buys for your business, you need to be able to spot a seller that is looking out for your best interests. Steer clear of pushy salespeople that talk a lot and listen very little. Gravitate towards the ones that ask mindful questions, seek to understand what you are trying to solve, and give you the respect to be part of the whole process. Even before the sale happens, it should be a partnership where you are seeking the best solution together.

Why Jungle Disk?

At Jungle Disk, we pride ourselves at giving all potential customers complete attention and a great purchase experience. We sell a complete data security suite that offers tremendous value and is priced fairly. We back it up with pre and post sales support and an accessible customer experience team that are ready to help when you need that helping hand. Here are five promises we make to our customers:

Over 25,000 customers place their trust in Jungle Disk and we look forward to serving you as well. Don’t be sold. Be consulted. If you have questions or would like to learn more about how Jungle Disk can help you with your IT security purchase, reach out to one of our experts by phone at 1-888-601-0401 or by email at sales@jungledisk.com.