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Celebrating One Year of Cyber Talk Radio

By Grant Herbon
Sep 29, 2017

We recently completed our 52nd episode of Cyber Talk Radio with the airing of David Zammiello talking to us about Project Quest and their mission to strengthen our economy with highly qualified employees in-demand living-wage careers.

The milestone was incredibly satisfying for us. As a startup in the San Antonio community, we’re proud to sponsor the show and are thankful to have the support of 1200 WOAI and the many guests that have come to the Jungle Disk office and the Rand building to record the episodes. By “many guests” I mean 52 guests! That is really amazing considering when we started that we were finding guests as we went along.

Looking back on the year, the majority of our guests have come from “industry,” representing global companies like Google and Rackspace and local cyber security companies like Denim Group, Infocyte, IPSecure and ScaleFT to name a few of our early guests.

Education and Non-Profit organizations were about the same with a recent slate of universities representing the programs at Our Lady of the Lake University, St. Philip’s College and St. Mary’s University. Our most recent non-profit episode was Maurine and Matt Molak who came on to talk about David’s Law and the fight against cyber bullying. It was an eye opening episode and we’re proud to help support their important work.

Last but certainly not least, we had a few representatives from different branches of Government on the show. One of our most popular episodes was Congressman Will Hurd talking about the work he’s doing with cyber security legislation. Another popular episode was with Sherri Hanson of the 24th Air Force who came on to talk about their operations work here in San Antonio. On a local stage, Commissioner Tommy Calvert was a dynamic guest who came on to share his message on how we can attract cyber security businesses to Bexar County.

So as I write this and reflect on the many diverse guests, all working on cyber security in our San Antonio community I can’t help but feel excited about our future with Cyber Talk Radio but more importantly, because of the many talented, dedicated members of our community that want to realize the vision of San Antonio as a national player in cyber security.