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Now You Can Use Your Google Account to Login to the Jungle Disk Control Panel

By Wes Dunn
Oct 2, 2017

In September we quietly introduced a new feature to our administrative control panel that allows Jungle Disk account administrators to log in with their Google accounts. This is our first integration with a third-party identity provider, and will be hopefully the first of many to come. Currently, the functionality is narrow, but will allow an existing Jungle Disk administrator to login to their control panel using their Google account, provided that the email address matches the email address on file with Jungle Disk. This could be quite beneficial for customers who wish to protect access to their control panel with two-factor authentication (2FA). For example, a customer with a Google account that utilizes 2FA would be required to authenticate with both factors before getting access to the Jungle Disk control panel.

As we have begun reselling and supporting subscriptions to the Office 365 and Google G Suite platforms, our customers (including ourselves) have found the identity management built into these platforms can be a huge asset.

Her are some of the benefits:

Given these advantages, we’re looking to expand this feature set in the coming months. Some of the ideas on the table are:

We’re still early in the process of implementing these new features, but we believe this first foray into third-party identity integrations is the right move for our customers and will open up new possibilities and efficiencies for them. Have questions or suggestions on third-party identity providers? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave us a comment below or reach out to our sales team.