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How Fatima Hit the Ground Running

By Fatima Hernandez
Oct 5, 2017

Top 4 Things I’ve learned Being on the Support Team

My name is Fatima and I am new to the Jungle Disk Team. I joined the team in August of 2017 after graduating from the Open Cloud Academy with a Red Hat Certification. In 2015 I graduated from Texas A&M University, but after seeing that my chosen degree was not going to provide me with the fulfillment that I was looking for in a career I decided to join the Open Cloud Academy.

Since joining the team I have learned many very useful things that most people don’t learn at their jobs until they are a couple of months into the work. Given the fact that we were going through some changes within the re-structuring of the services provided to Jungle Disk we saw a large volume of support tickets. I was able to get a glimpse of a large variety of problems that support techs at Jungle Disk have to deal with every day. Not only did I learn a lot about the technical side of Jungle Disk, but I also learned a lot about the customer facing side of Jungle Disk, and here are four of the most important things that I believe I learned.

It feels amazing when you have a customer that didn’t even know what their software was capable of doing when they got to you, and you end up explaining to them all the cool ways in which they can utilize their product. To me that is the best feeling there ever can be, because after spending a couple of minutes on the phone with someone they are able to understand and don’t need any more hand holding when it comes to the software.