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Side Channel Attacks: What They Are and How to Prevent Them

By Jordan Iriarte
Dec 28, 2017

In modern times as data becomes more secure with encryption, there are certain attacks that you may not be aware of. One specific type of attack is called a side-channel attack.

What is a side-channel attack?

Side-channel attacks rely on measuring tendencies and frequencies of your computer to establish patterns that can extract private information from your machine.

Side-channel attacks or SCA, monitor your power use and electromagnetic emissions during cryptographic operations. Due to the low cost and simplicity of these attacks, multiple side-channel techniques can be used. Here is a list of the different techniques:


Different ways to help prevent these attacks have been introduced but not widely implemented. A few ways to try to prevent these attacks are:

Once your keys are established, hackers could gain access to your data and could increase your chances of corruption or removal. Side-channel and other types of cyberattacks are one of the key reasons you should always have redundant backups running using a service like Jungle Disk and another form of backup such as an external hard drive or network attached storage device.