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Setup Guide - Jungle Disk Email Archiving for G Suite

By Claire Remmert
Jan 26, 2018

Getting Started with Jungle Disk Email Archiving for G Suite

Implementation of Jungle Disk Email Archiving with your G Suite mail service is simple.

Once you have signed up, log into your Jungle Disk Archive account with the admin credentials and URL that was provided.

Once you are in the Archive portal, click the settings gear in the top right. In the “Collectors” box, click “Manage.” Then under “Email,” click Manage and open the “SMTP” section.

Copy the STMP Address to your clipboard.

Next, log in with your admin credentials to your G Suite Portal at admin.google.com.

Once logged in, click on Apps. Now click on G Suite, which will show you all the apps you have connected. Click on Gmail, and then scroll down to the bottom and click on “Advanced Settings.”

On this page, scroll to the bottom to find the Routing section. From there, enable the routing option if you have not done so by selecting “Enable.” Then click on “Edit.”

On step one, select all four options. Then scroll down to the section that says “also deliver to” and check “add more recipients.” Click ADD.

Leave the first dropdown set to “Basic,” and then underneath, paste the collector address that you copied from the Jungle Disk Archive control panel.

Click save, and then click save again on the advanced settings screen.

Once you have these settings enabled, it can take up to 24 hours before you should expect to be able to view and search for emails in your new archive.