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Starting a Business? Best Practices to Keep Your Data Safe

By John Garza
Feb 14, 2018

Starting a business is exciting! According to Fortune, more job seekers are starting new businesses at a higher rate than ever before. And, why not? Credit is cheap, optimism is high, and there are more things that you can do with your business than any time in history. If you are one of the brave souls embarking on this grand adventure, I am sure you have done your homework and are ready to get started. Name and incorporation…check. Legal docs…check. Business plan and forecast…check. Products and services…check. Data security plan…um…huh? Often, one of the most overlooked areas in any new business is making sure you understand the risks that are out there and how you can make sure you aren’t foiled by something like a ransomware event or large scale cyberattack on you or your customers.

Implementing a security plan doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating if you follow these best practices to get started.

At Jungle Disk, we offer numerous products that your new business can use to stay safe. They are all easily consumable and provide the convenience of a subscription-based model that requires no upfront purchase or long-term commitment. If you need help putting together a plan for your business, contact our security experts at (888) 601-0401 or request a product demo.