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Giving Back: From One Intern to Another

By Hayley Hultman
Jul 20, 2018

As my internship with Jungle Disk reaches the end, I’ve been working on a passion project with a few of my fellow interns and some ambitious young adults. For the past few weeks, my fellow Triniterns and I have been helping make a lesson plan for 21 SAISD student interns to produce a full marketing campaign in four weeks. A large task for some — even with experience. The students were split into teams of five to six and assigned a different Jungle Disk product to research and tasked with putting together a marketing campaign presentation to give a fresh perspective on Jungle Disk and develop their professional skills.

I never have been confident being responsible for impressionable young people, as I worry that I will steer them in the wrong direction. Though with this group of young adults, I feel that they are more capable and I have the ability to relate with them more as they are not far off from my age. They are eager to learn and the four years that I have on them allows me to remember back to how I was at their age: ambitious, with little guidance. As I continue my studies in finance and entrepreneurship, I hope to continue to guide them even as my internship comes to an end.

The group of five that I am currently leading is working on TeamPassword, a recent acquisition of Jungle Disk. TeamPassword is a password manager that Jungle Disk and many other businesses use to manage their access to private accounts within a company. My interns are learning the intricacies of password management and what it could mean if passwords are hacked — not only on the individual basis, but also the corporate level. They have been learning the true meaning and importance of security and privacy within the professional world, and I am proud to see what they have accomplished so far.

I hope this brings bright new talent to develop and stay within San Antonio. I cannot wait to see these young people develop into adults and see how this program continues to impact them. I look forward to seeing their graduation from the program.