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Cyber Risk: Employee Awareness and Best Practices

By John Garza
Aug 10, 2018

In today’s cyber-connected world, your company needs to be vigilant to manage the risk your employees can present to your business. With corporate processes being more connected than ever and with the millions of Americans online each day for work and commerce, there is an ever-present risk to your organization. Nonetheless, this way of operating is commonplace in 2018 so it’s important for you and your company to be proactive in your cybersecurity practices.

Similar to having a plan to protect your actual business location from things like physical break ins and theft, you must also have a blueprint to protect your digital assets and company information. You might see it as a burden but it’s an essential practice and no longer can we afford to cut back on ways to protect our mission critical data.

Now, with any good defense strategy you have to cover all the bases. Things like network security, offsite storage, and encrypted cloud backups are all pieces of the puzzle but the most overlooked component is often the people that work within the organization itself, our employees. They’re the individuals that are safeguarding passwords, the ones checking email within sensitive networks, and the ones discussing private corporate information, sometimes with prying eyes and ears nearby. With all these potential threats, it’s essential to have a set of basic principles that govern your employees’ security posture as they work hard for you each day. Here are a few best practices to get you started.

Now that you have the fundamentals you can start putting together a plan of action that will keep your employees from putting your business at risk. For help putting together a data security strategy, contact our solution consultants by calling (888) 601-0401. Good luck!