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6 Steps to Using a Team Password Manager for your Small Business

By Brian Sierakowski
Sep 5, 2018

As a small business owner, you’re responsible for a lot of moving parts. You understand that time is one of your most precious assets and invest in technologies that will help you, and your staff, manage it more effectively. With the right processes and systems in place for password sharing, you’ll remove project bottlenecks and never waste time worrying about password management again.

Here are six password management strategies that will let you get back to working on your core business.

We created TeamPassword to help people manage their team’s passwords responsibly and systematically. If you follow these six steps you will save time. And it is never truer than for a small business; time is money.

Say goodbye to shared Google documents, outdated Excel spreadsheets, and password security breaches. Give it a try with our free 14-day trial!