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A Better Alternative to Your Current Password Manager

By Brian Sierakowski
Oct 5, 2018

Are you often frustrated by the functional downfalls of your current password manager? Read on to learn why TeamPassword is the most comprehensive and easy to use password manager in the game.

A lot of people find TeamPassword because they’re looking for an alternative to LastPass or DashLane. Curiously, that’s how our company was started in the first place.

My colleagues and I needed a password manager that was specifically for teams. When we first started back in 2013, there weren’t many options for team-oriented password managers, so having a shared solution was somewhat novel. 1password was only for individuals, and LastPass had a clunky enterprise product. So, we built a product that allowed companies to share passwords the way we as a product team were doing it internally, but with more security and convenience.

There were four driving criteria here:

“As a user of both TeamPassword and LastPass, I really appreciate the ease with which TeamPassword allows me to control who can access certain systems and who can’t. As a SaaS provider, we use a lot of other SaaS applications to provide great experiences for our customers. TeamPassword gives us the comfort to share access to those applications within our org, knowing we can easily remove users when needed.” – Tom H., VP Engineering, Network For Good

TeamPassword is equipped with all the features you need to keep tasks, colleagues, and clients organized and easily accessible as you seamlessly transition between tasks, removing password roadblocks in just one click.

We’re constantly engaging customers for feedback in order to build new features that address their specific needs and positively impact workflow and — while keeping TeamPassword uncomplicated and relevant to all types of businesses.

If you and your team are still wasting valuable time waiting to get access to that app or website you need to complete your task, then you need to try out our free 14-day trial of TeamPassword. Watch this intro video to learn how to get started today.