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Jungle Disk from a High School Intern’s Perspective

By Bradley Cavanaugh
Nov 2, 2018

During the summer of 2018, 20 SAISD students and myself were lucky enough to be chosen to intern for Jungle Disk. This sort of collaboration with SA Works, SAISD, and Jungle Disk was the first of its kind and gave students in a low income area access to the opportunity of a lifetime.

The way the internship worked was that students were separated into 4 groups and each group was in charge of learning about a different Jungle Disk product and developing a marketing plan to drive new customers. Every week we would get a topic or focus area to research about the products and at the end of the week we would present our research in front of the other groups and some very special guest judges. The internship taught me how to gather information and portray it to a specific audience. This skill I will carry with me throughout college and my career.

The internship also gave us access to mentors that took time to talk to us and genuinely cared about us and our futures. Having the opportunity to talk to people that are currently in the same career field that you want to enter and have the same goals as you is really eye opening in the sense of figuring out if this is the career path for you. Overall, the summer internship was a very great experience and I really hope that this sort of programming can be implemented in more SAISD schools or low income areas in general.

During my senior year, I’ve had the opportunity to continue my internship with Jungle Disk. I have two class period blocks where I commute to Jungle Disk. On these days, I go to work for a little bit, then go back to school and finish out my day. From what I’ve heard from my peers and family when you’re an intern, companies usually just have you filing papers or doing other pointless jobs but not at Jungle Disk. The first day I was here, they gave me a task on making a list of goals and throughout the internship, the team at Jungle Disk has been helping me reach those goals and giving me advice for the future. I am so grateful for everything they have done and continue to do for me.