Android and How to Access Jungle Disk - The Power of Using Standards(WebDAV)

Update: We have a Jungle Disk Android Application

When this post was written we had not yet released a Jungle Disk Android application. At Jungle Disk we use standards, such as WebDAV, so it was (and still is possible) to access data in Jungle Disk using a WebDAV client (in some scenarios).

Our Android application and all current versions of our software are available on our download page.

Original post below.

One of the top requests we hear from users is, “How do I access my online disks from my Android phone? When will you have an app for me?” I’m here today to provide you an answer in two parts including good news….

First: Full transparency. We are not releasing an Android application that will say “Published by Jungle Disk, LLC (or Rackspace)” today. We do have a team looking at mobile designs and talking to customers about the features important to them. If you’d like to share your thoughts comment here, email us at [email protected] or email me directly at [email protected]

Second (and the good news): You can access your online disks or legacy backups on your Android phone today. In fact, since Jungle Disk uses WebDAV you can access it from almost any modern browser. This includes Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and more. It is as easy as 1..2..3..:

Legacy Web Access

Diagram 1 & 2 - Jungle Disk Legacy Web Access

The Three Steps

Step 1 - Launch your mobile browser and go to the URL listed below for either Workgroup or Desktop editions:

Workgroup: https://[domain] (You’ll need to type in your domain specific URL for your Workgroup account)


Step 2 - Type in your username and password in the dialog box (Diagram 1).

Once you’re authenticated it will drop you into your main folder that shows your online disks and legacy backups.

Step 3 - Browse your Online Disks or Legacy Backups (Diagram 2).

While browsing you can upload new files from your phone or create new folders. You can also download files to your device. It will drop them into your Download folder on your file system. You should also see the download completed on your notifications drop down.

If you have questions and need help we’re around at to be of assistance.

The Google Play Store is also full of WebDAV apps — if you have a favorite you are free to share in the comments here.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that since the WebDAV protocol does not support disk passwords/encryption, normal WebDAV apps will not allow you to log into an Encrypted Disk. However, you can still log into your encrypted disk through your web browser via the url reference provided above.

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