Introducing Jungle Disk Server Edition v3.18 for Windows


As this is my first post on the Jungle Disk blog, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wes Dunn (some may know me as JungleWes), and I’m Jungle Disk’s Product Manager. I’ve been on the Jungle Disk team for about 2 years and have spent much of that time on the support floor, so I’ve likely interacted with many of you before! I moved into Product Management for Jungle Disk earlier this year and have been loving the role.

Now onto the announcement as I’m extremely excited to introduce Jungle Disk Server Edition version 3.18 for Windows. If you’re not familiar with Jungle Disk Server Edition, it offers simple, secure server backups with advanced compression and de-duplication to speed backups and minimize storage use.

What’s new in Server 3.18?

3.18 is an incremental update. We’ve modernized back end libraries that the Jungle Disk client software depends upon, and we’ve increased both stability and performance over 3.16 (our current version). How does this make the app better, you ask? Well, just in our own internal testing, our server backups now complete in less time and encounter fewer errors and failures when compared to performance in version 3.16. We’ll follow this blog post with another that offers greater detail on what we’ve observed. Beyond the nuts and bolts, there’s not been any changes to the look and feel of the application besides updating the logos/branding to match the “cloud & lock” logo we introduced back in April 2014. We look forward to our Server Edition users to see a bump in performance and reliability with their Jungle Disk backups.

How can I update to Server 3.18?

If you’re already a Jungle Disk Server Edition customer, we’ve updated our download links in the Control Panel and included some release notes. You’ll simply need to uninstall the existing software, download the new installer package in the Control Panel, and install the software on your servers/computers; no need to reconfigure your backups or re-verify servers! Remember, Server Edition has two pieces, a “Management Client” for managing the backup, and the Server Edition “agent” that runs on the server you’re backing up. So, be sure to download both pieces of the app. To make sure this is an easy transition, we’ve created a great support guide to walk you through the process of updating to Server Edition 3.18. If you need any other assistance with the upgrade, you can reach out to our expert support team through Chat, Phone, or a Ticket at

What about the other Jungle Disk clients?

We’re still hard at work getting Jungle Disk Desktop and Workgroup ready for prime-time. In our quality assurance and internal testing, we encountered a few issues we want to resolve before delivering the new version. Our goal is to be absolutely confident in the quality of software we deliver to our customers, and we still have some work to do to meet these quality standards. Please keep checking the blog, as this will be the best place for more information about the software.


UPDATE (12/3/15 8:40 PM CST): as one comment has highlighted, this release is only available for 64-bit systems.

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