Jungle Disk Server Edition Version 3.18 for Linux Now Available


All of us at Jungle Disk are very excited to announce the release of Jungle Disk Server Edition 3.18 for our Linux customers. As a customer the key benefits you will see are increased stability and backup speed improvements! As we did with the release 3.18 Server for our Windows customers, we’ll follow this announcement with more technical details about the benefits of 3.18.

What’s New in 3.18?

We have updated the application’s core code libraries to help keep your data safer while it’s in transit and to offer customers a faster backup experience. Our development team is delivering these benefits by integrating new technology not available when we released version 3.16. Further, behind the scenes our technical team is excited about a streamlined Linux build process through utilization of Docker containers. This allows the team to more efficiently incorporate and test new builds to improve the application’s performance. We’re pretty excited about the various applications for Docker throughout our Development and Operations teams — for the geeks reading this look for a technical post in the future diving in to our usage in more detail.

How Can I Upgrade to 3.18?

If you’re already a Jungle Disk Server Edition customer, we’ve updated our download links and included some release notes. You’ll simply need to uninstall the existing software, download the new installer package in the Control Panel, and install the software on your servers/computers; no need to reconfigure your backups or re-verify servers! To make sure this is an easy transition, we’ve created a great support guide to walk you through the process of updating to Server Edition 3.18. Click here to be taken to the article at our Support help center. If you need any other assistance with the upgrade, you can reach out to our expert support team through Chat, Phone, or a Ticket at https://support.jungledisk.com.

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