World Backup Day: If Your Business Data Was Destroyed, Would Your Business Survive?

Happy World Backup Day - Three Simple Steps You Can Take Today to Protect Your Business from a Data Disaster

That’s a bit of a scary question to ask, sure, but what’s your answer? Take a minute to think through the shock and surprise of being in “disaster recovery mode,” how would you respond? Would your business be able to recover? It is as easy as fifteen minutes and as affordable as $4 per month to protect your most valuable data.

We’re asking this tough question because today is World Backup Day – an annual event focused on raising the awareness about backups and threats to the digital data critical to your business. Being that we’re in the business of backup, it sounds like a great opportunity to participate in raising awareness of the subject. We are selling a product that solves this problem and we’re not ashamed to say you should be buying from us or one of our competitors.

Today, business data is increasingly digital. Think about all of the Microsoft Office® documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), PDFs, Images, and other data your customers trust and expect you to keep safe. Even data stored “in the cloud” or on various computers and servers can fail just like a personal laptop, desktop, or server in your office. Backup and disaster recovery is a necessity for all businesses big and small. With all of this in mind, here are three simple steps you can take today to protect your business from a data disaster.

1. Choose a service that provides backup to the cloud

“The Cloud” is a fancy way of saying “off-site.” One of the best steps a business can take to protect their data is to keep a current copy of everything off-site, so in the event of a disaster (flood, fire, theft), everything can be easily recovered.

2. Use encryption to protect your data

Natural disasters and theft aren’t the only threats out there today. Malware and hackers have a taste for attacking small businesses because they often don’t protect their data the same way the bigger guys do. One surefire way to protect your data from prying eyes and malicious threats is to utilize encryption to “scramble” your data and keep it from being read/accessed by anyone who doesn’t have the password to unlock it.

3. Perform an audit of all your business data and the devices that store it or have access to it

Online document collaboration tools can be very helpful, especially when working with remote teams, but that convenience comes at the price of access. The more you share, the more “access points” a hacker may have to get to your data. Storing your data in an online drive isn’t a backup — backup is a separate secured encrypted (see #2) copy of the data. Take an hour today and document all of the services, computers, tablets, smartphones, and people who have access to your businesses data. Having a master list of this information can be a useful tool when faced with theft of a device or handling a disgruntled employee. If all of the data in your Dropbox, OneDrive, or other online storage system was deleted right now by a hacker how would you recover?

Protect Your Business Data

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