Continuous Backup, Team Collaboration and Read-only Version Archive

This post will show you how to setup a workflow where the members of a team sync their data to the manager’s machine (or a central file server). Then the central machine creates a daily real-only version archive which can be used to roll-back to an older copy of a file or to meet regulatory requirements. I’ll refer to Ms. Red, Mr. Green, Mrs. Yellow, and Mr. Blue through the post. The names correspond to the colors on Diagram 1. Anywhere I refer to ‘Ms. Red’ you could replace with ‘Company File Server’ if it is your policy to centralize all of the data onto an office server or NAS device.

Diagram 1 - Continuous Backup & Archive Scenario

Step 1 - Continuous Backup

Continuous backup is the real-time uploading of data to another device to protect against failure or theft of the source. Each time Mr. Green, Mrs. Yellow, or Mr. Blue connect to the internet the data in their documents folders will sync up to the cloud. In Jungle Disk we call that feature ‘one-way sync’. On Ms. Red’s computer she has three one-way syncs setup to copy from the cloud down to her machine locally.

Step 2 - Team Collaboration

Now, when Ms. Red and Mr. Blue are on the phone talking about the sales proposal he just drafted they can both be looking at the same document without having to email to each other or any of the other less efficient ways they’d shared files in the past. In a second situation, Mrs. Yellow could have finished up another proposal from her hotel room and while going downstairs for breakfast her room was broken into and her laptop was stolen. Instead of going into a panic because it was lost since she created it after the daily backup she calls Ms. Red to let her know about the theft and asks her to send the document to FedEx/Kinkos nearby so she can go pickup copies before her important client meeting.

Other technology options such as OneDrive or Dropbox allow for similar collaboration. If you choose one of them we recommend using Jungle Disk or another quality backup solution for ‘Step 3’ so you have a secure off-site backup and archive of your important files—even if you aren’t required to do so by your regulators it is still just a good idea.

Step 3 - Read-only Version Archive

To setup the read-only version archive we’ll use the Jungle Disk feature called a Backup Vault. Diagram 2 shows how to setup the retention period for your data archive. By default Jungle Disk will keep 60 days of file version history. If you are a CPA and need to keep seven years of IRS records for your clients you can set it to 2,557 days or if you’re a broker-dealer and need to keep six years for FINRA 17a-4 we make it easy for you. Because of the one-way syncs to Ms. Red’s computer we only need to setup the Backup Vault on her system.

Retention Period Settings

Diagram 2 - Jungle Disk Backup Vault Retention Settings


Software is here to make your life easier. When selecting an backup and records archive service stability matters. Jungle Disk has been providing secure backup with encryption for over 10 years. Offices today have a mix of Windows PCs, and Apple Macs—so we support both. We know you want a single solution for all of your employees. As experts in your own industries we also understand that software is a tool to increase your productivity. This is why we believe it is powerful to solve many needs with a single application.

You could setup this workflow with other software (I even listed a few in the post). I’ll close with one final diagram—a screenshot of my own computer and my File Explorer on Windows 10. It shows my J:\ drive called ‘bret’ where I store the monthly CEO letters I write to our Board. If you look below you’ll see a K:\ called ‘management’ where my managers sync data, a L:\ called ‘legal’ where we store HIPAA BAAs, FINRA letters, and other customer legal agreements I sign, along with M:\ and N:\ for ‘accounting’ and ‘finance’ where secure copies of our books are records are kept. By integrating into the operating system natively Jungle Disk doesn’t require you to learn some new special way to interact with your files.

Windows File Explorer Jungle Disk Screenshot

Diagram 3 - Screenshot of My Windows File Explorer

During your initial setup and configuration of Jungle Disk we have data security experts who can screen share and walk you through all the configuration to get it right for you. Each business has slight differences in how your teams collaborate and where you store records. Our experts listen, learn, and then guide you to the correct solution for your needs. Try us out and if we can’t do what you need, we’ll refund you with our 30-day money back guarantee.

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