Behind the Scenes at Jungle Disk - Ten Week Internship

Trinity University’s Entrepreneurship department’s newest venture is the Students+Startups Summer Internship program. Students who get through the program are matched with potential startup companies, or tech companies housed on Houston Street. I was matched with Jungle Disk and had my interview with the CEO, Bret Piatt one Saturday morning at SIP coffee shop.

My name is Devina, and I am an Economics major with a minor in Mathematics at Trinity University.

Jungle Disk is a software development company that deals with data threat protection and providing backup solutions to other businesses. It is a tech firm. My relationship with computers and coding lasted for a semester costing me a low grade, a lot of stress, and an eventual realization that coding and I are just not meant to be. I was apprehensive about investing ten full weeks into an internship with a company that talks code, but to my surprise, Jungle Disk was much more than that.

My on-site supervisor, Michael DeFelice, the Principal Data Scientist for Jungle Disk, and I laid out a concrete plan for the next few weeks. The main three learning goals that I set out to accomplish were learning about SaaS business tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics, learning basics of Python in order to learn its data analytics package, Pandas, and learning about the marketing automation tool, Pardot.

In the past ten weeks I have learned a lot. Besides accomplishing my learning goals with the help of Code Academy and Mike, I got to learn about B2B marketing, how small to mid size businesses (SMBs) work, how much work goes into constructing a website, and how intricate and sophisticated Jungle Disk’s products really are.

Most importantly, I learned how a passionate and highly motivated team can help a company taste success.

Jungle Disk has grown steadily in the past few weeks and is on the road to more success. It is a team of passionate people driving this success. I feel very fortunate to have experienced part of this journey with the team and I wish them much more success for the future.

So I thank you.

Thanks, Mike, for teaching me much more than I could have hoped to learn from this internship. Thank you, Bret, for giving Monty and I the opportunity to intern with Jungle Disk. Thank you, Paul, for teaching us about Jungle Disk’s products and functions; it was great to learn about how much work and care goes into it. And thanks to the rest of the team for making the work environment friendly and comfortable, and of course, for teaching us some cool Pokemon Go tricks.

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