Ransomware - What is It and How Can Jungle Disk Help Keep Your Data Safe?

Ransomware is the new monster in the closet for many small businesses. Unfortunately, that monster in the closet is real and affecting many businesses that don’t have the money, time and resources to deal with the cyberattack.

I would like to take some time to give you a better understanding of what ransomware is and how Jungle Disk can help protect your business’ data.

What is ransomware?

Simply put, ransomware is a type of malware that installs itself on a user’s machine and proceeds to encrypt the user’s files. Along with the newly unaccessible data, a ransom letter is left behind with the cyber criminal’s terms - almost always demanding payment to unlock the files.

As you can imagine, ransomware can absolutely wreck a business’ ability to function while all of their critical data is being held, quite literally, for ransom.

How can Jungle Disk help?

Jungle Disk can help prevent cyberattacks such as ransomware in two ways.

First, Jungle Disk’s Backup Vault function can create a cloud backup of your machine’s data. If this backup runs daily, you can easily roll back to a date before the ransomware hit and restore all of your data. For safety, you’d want to do this on a computer you are 100 percent sure is not affected by the virus. The Backup Vault has repeatedly proven to customers that it can help protect your business critical data when it comes to cyberthreats.

Secondly, if you utilize Jungle Disk’s Network Drive feature, you can save your data directly to the cloud using a simple mapped drive on your machine. One of the great things about the Network Drive is versioning. Versioning, also known as data retention, keeps previous versions and deleted files for a retention period. There is a default period of 60 days, however, this can be customized by the end user. By default, the software will keep up to 10 versions of each file in retention. With a proper retention setting in place, an affected customer could restore to a previous unencrypted version of a file from before it had been encrypted by ransomware.

The Jungle Disk support team regularly sees businesses adversely affected by ransomware. We believe doing your best to prevent these attacks from occurring in the first place is the best line of defense. If you use software like Jungle Disk to backup your data and also retain previous versions of your most critical files, you can further protect your business from ransomware and other cyberthreats.

If you have any questions or concerns about the effects of malware on your business, please reach out to the Jungle Disk team and you can also find more information here.

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