Protect Your Network Gateway and Business Critical Data from Cyber Thieves

Ransomware is up 35 percent in 2015 according to Symantec. In case you are not familiar, ransomware is when cyber criminals hold digital data hostage by encrypting it and only releasing the data if the victim of the attack pays the ransom fee. Once the ransom is paid, cyber criminals provide a decryption key so the victim can then access the data. Keep in mind, even though the victim pays ransom, there are no guarantees that cyber criminals will provide the decryption key. Since ransomware is at an all-time high including approximately 1000 incidents per day since 2015, how can you protect yourself and your business?

This is where network threat protection comes in…

What is Network Threat Protection?

One way to mitigate ransomware is for businesses to create an “extra” layer of protection that protects their network, by adding an appliance based network threat protection solution. This includes a virtual firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-malware, web content filtering, advanced threat protection (ATP), data loss prevention (DLP), denial of service (DDoS) defense and botnet protection including remote virtual private network (VPN).

Jungle Disk has partnered with My Digital Shield (MDS) to offer a network threat protection solution to help businesses protect themselves from the attacks listed above. Once a customer signs up for the solution and connected to the MDS cloud via a Cloud-Link®, all data is tunneled and processed to detect and block malicious threats and intrusions. This defense is all done in the cloud and creates a barrier to stop anything malicious from getting into the network or gaining access to critical data.

Case in Point

Since starting at Jungle Disk, I’ve been on multiple calls with customers that have reached out to us after being a victim of ransomware or other types of malware attacks. One customer example that comes to mind is a retail camera and repair shop that was affected by a cyberattack. It was imperative that the shop owner pay the ransom as the shop’s customer invoices were locked and held for ransom. In the end, the shop owner had to pay $1000 to get the encryption key from the attacker. As result of the cyberattack, the camera shop became a customer of Jungle Disk subscribing to Jungle Disk’s data security suite including encrypted cloud backup for workstations and the LITE edition of the our network threat protection solution (for up to 10 users).

network threat protection

Given the rise in ransomware and other malware attacks, I highly recommend taking our complimentary Shield Test. The test will measure your network’s defense against viruses and various cyberattacks. To take the test, go here!

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