Cyber Talk Radio: Human Hacking and Social Engineering

Human Hacking and Social Engineering - Week 5 of Cyber Talk Radio

Our guest this week was Tom DeSot, CIO of Digital Defense. With five episodes under our belt, we’re now adding our show archive into podcast services.

Show Summary

This past Saturday, October 22, the fifth episode of Cyber Talk Radio hit the airwaves on 1200 WOAI and iHeartRadio streaming.

Tom DeSot joined us to discuss the Human Hacking, aka. Social Engineering. Every business is now facing human hacking attempts through drop attacks, fake IT help desk phone scams, and the more commonly known email phishing attacks.

With the rise of social engineering attempts security awareness training is now greater than ever. the SANS Institute published an excellent guide a few years ago that is still generally relevant today called, The Importance of Security Awareness Training(PDF).

Tom and I discuss a number of real stories from live testing he does as part of his day job at Digital Defense. When you hire them to see if your business is human hacking proof you’ll likely learn things you want to know but don’t want to know. Our general disposition is to be helpful and friendly and when faced with a social hacker your trust will be abused. Tom’s stories are excellent and provide applicable learning to business owners, IT managers, and individual employees.

In the second half of the program we do a short security awareness training course on the radio. With an hour during your commute this week you can make yourself and your business safer.

Listen to a replay of this episode or past episodes on a Cyber Talk Radio Podcast stream.

The first service we’re on is called Pocket Casts. The Cyber Talk Radio Pocket Cast allows you to listen on Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS mobile devices and computers. For those that prefer iTunes, we’re going through the approval process now. You should be able to manually add our feed to the iTunes podcast service until we’re listed in the searchable catalog.

We’ll also continue to post a replay on YouTube as well.

Text program summaries are available on the Cyber Talk Radio web site archive page. We’re working to add full searchable text transcripts over the next couple of months.

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