Tis Online Shopping Season - Is Your Business Protected from Cyber Grinches?

Now that Halloween is over, and our Facebook feeds are calming down from pictures of adorable babies and Pinterest-worthy pumpkins, it’s time to shift your attention to turkey…well, turkey and holiday shopping. While I wish this was a blog about turkey and holiday feasts, I want to focus on online shopping safety. According to data released by Adobe, including Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day, shoppers spent $4.45 billion online last year. PFSweb released last year’s Cyber Monday stats of $3.19 billion in total digital sales. Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become something of a cultural phenomenon, it has created one of the heaviest cyber traffic periods of the year, and thus, one of the biggest opportunities for hackers worldwide to steal your joy. So don’t let that happen!

You’ve got to be a vigilant shopper. Would you walk around the mall with your wallet in your hand or your purse wide open? Of course not! So, we recommend protecting yourself from cyberthreats.

For example, hackers love social media. It’s all too easy to create fake profiles on social networking and e-commerce sites. Many of these profiles are meant to pretend to be well-known corporate brands and to coax users to click on targeted content. All it takes is one click, so think before you click. Remember, we are shopping in a heightened emotional state on days when we are promised “70% off sales” and day-only “clearances.” Don’t let those words dictate whether you are blindly clicking or not. Always check the domain. A hacker can easily register a site and make it look identical to your favorite store– all a front to steal your information. If you get an email offering a coupon or discount, scroll over it before clicking it. The domain should show on the bottom of your screen. Better yet, refrain from clicking on ads in emails. Instead, “Google” the brands to get to the real site.

Luckily, you have the opportunity to protect your network with Jungle Disk Network Protection, which would create a “shield” around your network, by adding a virtual firewall, intrusion protection, anti-malware, web content filtering…the whole shebang. Not to mention, backups, allowing you to restore, should your system get compromised. However, we would recommend you practice safe shopping habits, so that you can enjoy a stress-free online shopping experience.

Cheers to a safe online shopping season!

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