SpiceWorld 2016 Makes Cybersecurity Awareness a Priority

SpiceWorld 2016 recently took place November 1-3 in Austin,TX. It’s a place where tech marketers and IT pros meet-up to share their tech know-hows, eat some great Texas BBQ and have a good ‘ol time in after-hours tech networking sessions.

The three-day event is multidimensional and caters to several facets of IT but a big standout this year was the inclusion of several security related topics and sessions. As a result of this heightened exposure, a few members from the Jungle Disk team decided to make the trek up I-35 to see how we could engage with the attendees and bring value to the business.

SpiceWorld 2016

Jungle Disk Attends SpiceWorld 2016

While the first day was more of a networking day, days two and three were filled with sessions and panel discussions covering topics such as “Threat Management Driven by Innovation, The Reign of Ransomware and Exploit Prevention: Stop Ransomware, Zero-Day and Modern Attacks Before They Get In.” As a representative of Jungle Disk, these topics are becoming all too relevant to the market we serve especially in verticals such as healthcare, law, real estate and financial services. It was nice to have members from our team on-site to tell the attendees about Jungle Disk’s data security suite and security best practices.

In one of the sessions focused on ransomware, the speaker asked the audience to raise their hand if they had been affected or knew someone that has been affected by ransomware. The response was stunning - over half of the audience raised their hand. This alone proves the importance and need for you to protect your business’ most critical data through a data security offering like Jungle Disk. Other speaking sessions covered key points and topics such as:

  • Always separate your office network from the guest networks
  • There are 20-30K new malicious web pages created each day
  • Full Disk Encryption is not enough and File Level Encryption goes much further
  • Off-site encrypted backups are a no brainer
  • Robust security plans need to include a backup strategy and network threat mitigation

There was even a session that spoke right to the hearts of many in the room. They served bacon and they played bingo! Does it get any better than that?

SpiceWorld 2016

Jungle Disk Attends SpiceWorld 2016

All in All, the speaking and breakout sessions at SpiceWorld provided us the assurance that Jungle Disk can truly add substance and value to the small businesses we serve. Even better, our data security suite is easily consumable and affordable, both of which resonated with the IT pros in attendance. If you want to hear more about our products or want to discuss any of the topics covered in the speaking sessions at the event, please reach out to our team!

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