Remote Access VPN: How To Protect Your Data With a Remote VPN

Do you know who’s watching or tracking your every move when you’re on public Wi-Fi?

More than likely, there are bad actors (hackers) out there without you knowing. Think about how many times you connect to a public Wi-Fi at the library, school or even a coffee shop without protecting your computer and data. Be careful, there may be prying eyes!

To help protect yourself and your data when on public Wi-Fi, we recommend using a remote access VPN.

Let’s first define a remote access VPN. A remote-access VPN connection allows the individual user to connect to a private network from a remote location using a laptop, desktop or mobile device using the internet, thus establishing a secure connection remotely. Data is “tunneled” and encrypted at each end providing a secured private network.

There are multiple benefits in using a remote VPN:

  • Access business or home network securely while traveling and/or on public Wi-Fi.
  • Hide your browsing activity from your local Network or ISP, thus giving you more privacy as needed.
  • Ability to have more privacy and confidentiality when on the Internet.
  • Internet usage tracking prevention, a VPN hides your identity, location and encrypts your traffic. This means you can hide your shopping habits from advertisers tracking your activities on web sites.

Bottom line

There are more benefits to VPNs than those listed above, but the most important safeguard is the ability to work from a secured network. This gives you “peace of mind” when using a public Internet connection. At Jungle Disk, we provide a Network Threat Protection solution which includes remote VPN. Schedule a call if you want to learn more!

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