Computer Viruses - Keep Your Business’ Data Safe from Infection

What are viruses and how do they infect your computer? Today, I would like to walk you through the in’s and out’s of computer viruses, things to lookout for to protect your computer and data security solutions that can help protect your data.

A virus is a computer program that is designed to steal, corrupt or remove data from your computer. Many of today’s computer viruses run without the end-user being aware of its presence. Majority of viruses hide in system folders, monitor your activity and grab information like your passwords for simple things like internet usage.

What to look out for and avoid

Normally, a virus needs to be allowed into a computer before it can infect others. Here are five top things to look out for when protecting your computer.

  1. Never open an email or download something from someone you do not know. Spam filters can only weed out so much. Even then, they can try to use names that you may recognize.

  2. Avoid links on websites that are not trusted even ones that may look to be legitimate.

  3. Random pop-ups on your computer can be a sign that malware is already installed on your computer and is looking for access to restricted folders.

  4. Connecting to unprotected networks. While you may want to be surfing the web at your favorite coffee house, this can be a hotspot for a hacker or malware to gain access to computer and infect it. Be aware when you are connected to any network that does not require an authentication.

  5. Avoid leaving your computer unattended. An unlocked computer with no password can be easy prey for someone looking to steal your data.

How Jungle Disk can help

Jungle Disk can help but making sure that you have viable data if a virus attacks your office or your computer. When using the Backup Vault through Jungle Disk’s encrypted backup, the data is uploaded, compressed and the previous versions are not able to be modified by the virus. In the Network Drive on the other hand, the previous versions are stored within the Network Drive. Where it is not common, we have seen viruses that infect the Network Drive also infect the Version Archive (previous versions). We always recommend that you have some sort of off-site backup to make sure that the data is protected. The other option is use the Backup Vault to back up the Network Drive. This will cause redundant data but would ensure the safety of your files.

If you ever have questions about your data security, how to leverage Jungle Disk’s encrypted backup or how data redundancy might impact your monthly bill, please contact us and we will more than happy to help you.

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