Don’t Be Fooled By Social Media Cyberattacks

I was on Facebook the other day and my Aunt Pat messaged me asking me whether or not I was going to click on her link. Seeing as the last conversation I had with Aunt Pat was at my wedding in 2012 about how great it was to see her, I found it odd. As a precaution, I decided to scroll over the link to find that the link was going to some strange website that I clearly should not visit. I reported to her and Facebook that her account had been hacked and thought to myself, “I wonder how often this happens to people?” I mean, I love my sweet Aunt Pat and the least I can do is click on a link for her, right? What if I didn’t know what I know being in the data security space? What if I just clicked on the link?

The short answer, I would have been put in a precarious position. The long answer, as security researcher Bart Blaze recently highlighted in a recent blog post, I could be giving a hacker the ability to “read and change” all of my data on websites I visit. er the usual Ransomware threat, it could also lock any sensitive files/data I have on my computer and demand a financial fee for their return. In addition, the hacker could infect my computer and send a bunch of SPAM to all of my friends and family. All of these bad things could happen just because I was trying to be polite to my Aunt Pat!

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about online shopping and warned against shopping online unguarded and the same applies to reading social media. The problem with social media is that it naturally places us in a comfortable and casual state trusting friends and family that might send you links to malicious websites. If you’ve checked primetime Twitter feeds recently, you know what I’m talking about. Please be vigilant because if you act too quick, you never know what you will be virtually opening yourself up to leading to real and dire consequences. Blindly clicking on links sent to you by strangers or even trustworthy people in any of your social media accounts is never a good idea. Always think before you click.

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