Behind the Scenes at Jungle Disk - How Encrypted Backup Rescued a Customer from Data Loss

Our support team runs into many different scenarios when it comes to helping customers restore their data with the Jungle Disk software. There tends to be some common scenarios that we are able to help with pretty quickly including old machines dying and needing to be restored, customers’ new machines and accidental deletions of files and needing these files recovered in a timely manner. One day recently, I received what I did not expect to be one of the most interesting support calls I have taken in awhile.

The Support Call

It was about midday when I received a call from a customer who sounded panicked and was needing help performing a restore from her Network Drive. At first, the customer thought that she had maybe moved the files into another folder but after some verification from her staff her employee said that they had accidentally deleted the file. The customer then let me know that she needed the files restored for a meeting she had in about a hour. I’m thinking to myself, okay I have worked with this scenario before we are good here. I will help walk her through the steps of how to do a restore from her network drive and we should be good to go. I let the customer know I could help her and the files that had been deleted could be recovered quickly.

I was suddenly put on hold and I thought I could hear a car horn honking. I asked the customer if they were driving and she confirmed that she was. I asked if it would be better if I called her office and walked one of her employees through the process of how to restore the files. The customer let me know she did not have time for that and wanted me to help her while she was on the road. She then stopped so she could open up her laptop and open up the software. I made her aware that she would need an internet connection to do the restore and she was said she had a WiFi hotspot device and was going to pull over and enable it.

The first thing I made sure was that the customer was safe and parked, for me this was a highly unusual case so I asked her to make sure she was parked and safe. Once she was parked, she enabled her hot spot and she had a internet connection. I walked her through the steps on how to restore from her Network Drive and she was able to find the files she needed in the “Deleted Files and Previous Versions” section of the software. As soon as she selected the files, I advised her to restore and save them to a new folder on her desktop. The whole time I was nervous that her connection would not be good enough to do the restore since this is something I had never help troubleshoot before. After a couple of minutes and some silence, I heard the words I was hoping to hear “The files restored!” I had her open the files to make sure everything was the correct version and what she needed. I then had her put the files back into the directory in her Network Drive that she had originally had them stored in. Once she did this, she verified that her employees were able to see the files again in the Network Drive and they were able to open and view the files.

The Outcome, A Happy Customer

I was honestly in shock that I had just helped a customer do a restore job from the side of the road and it was quick and successful. The customer let me know she still had to get to the meeting but she was extremely happy that she was able to do the restore job and never had any doubts that she would be able to do the restore. She just needed minor help with the process. I was glad the restore worked and she would be able to have the files she needed for her meeting.

To this day, this has been the most interesting restore job I have helped a customer with and I’m glad that I was able to help the situation. The support team here at Jungle Disk is always ready to help our customers solve problems and is ready for new troubleshooting scenarios to be handed to us!

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