Jungle Disk Encrypted Backup: Powerful Capabilities and Features

Backup Vault and the Network Drive

Jungle Disk offers two great features with our Encrypted Backup offering - Backup Vault and Network Drive. Both can be very valuable depending on your specific use case scenario. I’d like explain a little about both features.

The Backup Vault

The Backup Vault is a very import feature of the Jungle Disk software. This is an incremental backup that includes data deduplication. The data that is backed up is only available through the software’s Restore Files option and cannot be accessed through the Network Drive or web access. This is due to the way the data is packaged, compressed and stored.

The Network Drive

The Network Drive can be mapped automatically to your computer’s operating system (OS) file management system so it can appear as drive on your computer (example, “J” or “K” in Windows or a specific name on Mac) to make it convenient to access. There is a file size limit of 5GB due to having your files readily available at a moment’s notice. You can also access the Network Drive on multiple computers and through web access at myjungledisk.com. And that’s not all. With the Jungle Disk mobile app for iOS and Android, you can take your data on the go!

What features work best for your business?

The above are just brief descriptions of each great feature. The question still lies, what is best for your small to medium business? The answer is both! Are you a small business with the need to share easy to access data amongst multiple users? Do you need to limit what data is shared and with who? The Network Drive is a perfect fit. With multiple workgroup user licenses, you are able to give access and set permissions for each user. Not only can they view the data using the Jungle Disk Encrypted Backup software, they can also easily access the data via web access at myjungledisk.com.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Does your business have important files that absolutely must be recoverable in case of a disaster such as a server crash or cyberattack. The Backup Vault is your solution. You can configure the Backup Vault to backup your important folders and files. The backup can be set daily to weekly to help set your mind at ease. And with the file compression and data deduplication this will help lower your storage costs. Utilizing both features will ensure your data is safe and allow you to share and update files in minutes via the Network Drive.

Summary of Features

Here is a quick list of capabilities included in both features:

Backup Vault

  • File Compression
  • Data deduplication
  • No file size limit

Network Drive

  • Accessible via Web Access and the Network Drive
  • Shared between multiple users.
  • File size limit of 5GB

Now just to wrap up, the Backup Vault and Network Drive can both be useful in a small business environment. You can never be too safe when handling your business critical data. Jungle Disk offers safe and secure options to backup and access your business’ data.

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