How to Use Multiple Online Disks to Create Specific Permission Levels

When it comes to critical or sensitive data, you’re not going to want everyone in your organization to be able to view or access it. Every business’ needs are different when it comes to permission levels. Jungle Disk’s Network Drive can be configured many ways including utilizing different permission levels so only the people that need to see the data can access it.

I worked with a client recently that needed a very specific setup. He, as the owner, needed access to all of his field agents’ data, who were all spread out across the country. The remote agents needed to be configured so they could only see their own data and no one else’s. This was not only for organizational purposes, but for security reasons as well.

After consulting with the owner, we came up with a game plan. We created a template for a file and folder structure for his agents and then we deployed that file and folder structure onto several Online Disks (one for each agent). The template was critical to the deployment as each field agent needed the same exact file and folder structure on their specific drives so the boss could keep everything organized and unified.

From the owner’s computer, he could access all 15 or so field agents’ disks. After the owner was set up properly, we worked with each remote agent to configure their software so each had access solely to their own drives. Since we had planned ahead and deployed the file and folder structure template before the agents had even accessed their drives, this created a very fast and efficient setup process for the remote agents. The agents simply worked out of their personal Network Drives and the owner could access any agent’s data on demand. This was exactly what the owner had envisioned and the setup has been working great for his business.

With a bit of creativity and planning, you can tailor your Jungle Disk experience to fit your use case perfectly. Speak to a Jungle Disk expert today to come up with your own game plan!

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