Protecting Business Critical Data - Managing Your Encrypted Backups

Backing up data is important for any organization, but how that backup is organized can be just as vital. With Jungle Disk, there are a few ways to manage a backup so that your business can get back on its feet quickly in the event of data loss. I would like to walk you through one of the ways today.

One of the key ways to manage your backups is to create Online Disks specifically for business critical data. Since Online Disks can be created at no cost, creating at least two online disks per data set that you need to backup can save you vital time in the end.

Creating Online Disks can be done through the admin Control Panel at for Workgroup users, and through the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor for Server users. Each disk will have its own backup job, so you can decide what to put on each disk. Therefore, we recommend putting business critical data on a disk by itself. This is data that is crucial to getting your business running in the event there is catastrophic data loss.

Having business critical data on one disk will help keep the disk smaller resulting in a smaller backup database, which Jungle Disk automatically creates and is necessary for the backup to function. This will help with restore times when it’s time to recover files, since the database will download and verify more quickly before you can start the restore. A leaner backup will therefore result in faster restore time. Once you restore your business critical data, you can then begin the restore process on secondary files or archive files as needed. This can be done in the background as you get the rest of your business up and running.

As mentioned, creating a new Online Disk with its own backup job does take more time to configure than backing up everything onto one disk. However, keep in mind that part of the reason for a backup is to have data to fall back on if there is data loss. Configuring backups in the way described above can help save your business critical time when it matters the most.

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