Improvements with MacOS on the Jungle Disk Online Backup Workgroup Client

Hi Mac Users,

We are thrilled to announce that two issues with the Jungle Disk Workgroup software on macOS have been resolved. The resolutions bring better functionality and a greatly improved experience for users running the newest version of macOS Sierra!

On previous builds of Sierra, users would be prompted for a username and password each time they attempted to connect to their Jungle Disk Network Drives, which was a cumbersome experience especially if the user had several Network Drives. This issue has been resolved and users will no longer be prompted for their user credentials when mounting their disks. Also, Microsoft Office compatibility has been greatly improved with macOS Sierra and Jungle Disk. Previously, Microsoft Office products would not recognize the Jungle Disk Network Drives when saving files directly from any of the pieces of software in the Office suite. Users would have to save data locally then transfer the files through Finder or through a Jungle Disk Sync Folder. Now, in macOS Sierra, the Jungle Disk Network Drive is recognized by the Microsoft Office software suite so users can save directly to their Network Drives.

To take advantage of these improvements, please update your Mac’s operating system to the newest version of macOS Sierra.

One last piece of good news for our Mac users, the software update for Jungle Disk Workgroup on macOS is right around the corner. Stay tuned!

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