Simplifying Password Management to Keep Your Data Secure

In my last blog post, I wrote about the importance of having strong passwords to make it more difficult for cyber thieves to access your personal information. Today, I will focus on why you should use a “Password Management Software” tool such as LastPass or Dashlane just to name a few.

It is often said that we should have different passwords for each website or account that we use. If that is the case, how many of us really take the time to have multiple passwords (each with different password requirements)? The challenge of trying to memorize those passwords can be daunting especially if it is recommended to change your passwords every 30 - 180 days. Unfortunately, even changing passwords does not completely mitigate hackers from stealing your login information. In fact, how many of us reuse the same password for multiple websites and a leak in one site could give access to more than one account?

Long story short, wouldn’t it be great not to have to worry about memorizing “passwords” for all of your frequently used accounts? You can simplify and protect your passwords by installing a Password Management Software that manages your passwords with a Primary Account that encrypts your database of your usernames and passwords. You only need to remember the ONE master password!

Key benefits of using a password management tool:

  1. Store unlimited number of passwords (Encrypted)
  2. No need to remember “all” your usernames and passwords
  3. Auto-login (Some of the password management tools also allow you to sync your passwords across all of your devices or even share a log-in)
  4. A few of the tools are free
  5. User friendly

As you install and utilize a password management tool, keep in mind some best practices like not sending “cleartext” to an authentication site, do not store in “cleartext” in case password file is compromised and lock accounts after pre-determined fails to prevent brute force attacks on accounts.

Hope these tips simplify your digital life and help you maintain a secure password management posture!

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