Behind the Scenes - A Reflection Back on One Year at Jungle Disk

As I celebrate my one year anniversary at Jungle Disk, I think back to the amazing year that has transpired. I started my journey moving from Houston to San Antonio which was a hard transition. Shortly after moving to San Antonio, I started my job with Jungle Disk. I immediately knew that I had made the right decision because I was greeted with smiles and pleasant attitudes. Initially, I was skeptical because I didn’t understand that people could be happy at work while doing their jobs. Previously, I was working in retail where my co-workers didn’t a have passion for their work or a sense of team comradery.

Looking back, it was mostly a blur with the amount of information that was being pushed into my brain. I was focused on learning the in’s and out’s of Jungle Disk, our products and how our services affect our customers. Everyday has been an experience to learn and to grow my knowledge on our products and industry. At first, it was overwhelming learning the full scope of the business from how the different versions of our software affect storage to little things like the difference between the Backup Vault and Network Drive. Each individual tech on my team taught me their own unique twist on solving customer issues. They gave me encouragement and helped me grow by feeding me knowledge. Everyday, the colorful characters that fill the office always make work more enjoyable and the days go by so much faster than I could have imagined.

As the months went on, my wife and daughter joined me in San Antonio and noticed differences in me that I didn’t notice before as I continued growing my knowledge in the business. I was taking phones calls on my own and rarely needed assistance. I really felt like I had accomplished getting acclimated with the products and helping solve customer problems. Every time I hit a wall and think I know “everything,” something else comes our way to solve. The ongoing learning experience with a company and products that you have a passion for is second to none.

Over the year, our team has also had to deal with various circumstances from maternity/paternity leaves, vacations and one the leaders of the team having a stroke. It has been great to be on a team that deals with issues with a constructive outlook and a focused mind. The connotation of the word “we” truly show with our team. Every new challenge makes us better and stronger as a team versus broken and defeated. Since joining Jungle Disk, my life has changed for the better!

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