Jungle Disk Adding More to the Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base

At Jungle Disk, we have support articles that can help you with virtually anything from Control Panel how-to’s all the way to guides on how to integrate our software with third party apps and troubleshooting. These documents are very useful and have screenshots accompanied with the steps to ensure that you are following the right steps while you work to accomplish your task. These are quick and easy to follow but can be a bit longer depending on what the article is covering. You can also feel assured that if you have any questions on any of the articles, we are only a phone call or chat away to help you out.

Can I have more?

Although we have great documentation, we have received excellent feedback on the Knowledge Base articles. I have had interactions with customers and future prospects that have requested videos as something that they would love to have access to. Reasons vary from not being around a phone, wanting to figure things out on their own and not being able to call/chat because they are in the middle of a meeting but want to find something. Not sure why they are not paying attention in the meeting but that’s another story. :) Future customers also ask for videos so that they can show their teams/leadership how easy it is to use Jungle Disk’s services.

I myself have also found the need to find product how to’s fast and would rather have someone show/tell me how to do something via a video format. This doesn’t happen often as I am an individual that likes to figure things out but does happen nonetheless. At Jungle Disk, we want to make it easy for customers to troubleshoot or set up their services in a format that they prefer whether it’s an article, video or step-by-step instructions.

The plans!

We at Jungle Disk love talking to our customers and helping them problem solve. We are working on putting together short and quick videos that can help you. The addition of more video content is a way to add more avenues for customer support and self-service. Not to get too sidetracked but have you ever clicked on a video in Facebook or Twitter? Video content tends to be more popular and some individuals rather not sit through a long seven minute video, especially if it’s some kind of tutorial. With the videos we are creating, we want to stay in the average range of 2 minutes or less so that you can get your answers quickly and move on! This is going to take some time to build up our library but wanted to start pushing videos out right away for our customers. Our first couple of videos will be tailored to first-time use of the Jungle Disk Workgroup services but will expand to various tasks so make sure to be on the look-out! We have several ideas and topics we want to cover but also feel free to send us any requests of the things that you would like to see become a video! Look forward to sharing more videos with you!

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