Backup Dropbox: How to Backup Dropbox to Jungle Disk

Do you need to have a backup of your Dropbox files? This is a question we often get from customers. The answer is…

TL;DR Yes.

Dropbox is a great tool that allows its users to share and collaborate on files between multiple users. If you have the Dropbox application installed on your computer, you can even have a copy of those files on your computer. But, what happens if someone with access to those files gets a virus on their machine?

Because Dropbox uses a syncing process, anything that is uploaded to your Dropbox folder on your local machine is automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account. Not only can this corrupt the files on your PC but could affect other users who have access to those same files.

In previous blogs, we have discussed how to backup your Google Drive and One Drive data. In case you didn’t know, there is also a way to backup your Dropbox.

Here are step by step instructions:

Step 1

You will need to download and install the Dropbox application.

Step 2

Login to your Dropbox account through the application.

Backing Up Dropbox

Step 3

Once you are logged into the application, you will create a shortcut icon on your desktop.

Backing Up Dropbox

Double click this icon and you will see a folder, you will need the path of this folder.

Backing Up Dropbox

Step 4

You will need to add this location to your “What to Backup” section of your Backup Job in Jungle Disk. If you are unfamiliar with this process you can use this guide to help you.

Backing Up Dropbox

Step 5

Click OK, and that’s it!

It may be helpful for you to also create a separate online disk for this backup to help keep your information better organized.

If you need additional help backing up your Dropbox to Jungle Disk or have additional questions, please reach out to our customer experience team at (888) 573-8649. We are happy to help!

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