Behind the Scenes at Jungle Disk - The Importance of Customer Feedback

Here at Jungle Disk, we strive to build a suite of products that are useful and valuable to our customers with an exceptional level of support on top of it. We will soon be sending a ~30 second survey out to our customers checking in on how we’re doing. We’d love for everyone to participate and want you to know that each and every response is read and responded to by a member of our team.

I work in our customer experience group and lead our technical support team. One way I collect feedback is offering a satisfaction survey after a customer has an interaction with a member of the support team. It’s a simple question of “How would you rate the support you received?” You can either answer “Good, I’m satisfied” or “Bad, I’m unsatisfied.” I personally respond to every unsatisfied responder. My goal is to turn the interaction into a positive experience. Over the last year, we have maintained a satisfaction score of 95%+ being thumbs up!

Based on the feedback, a major contributor to our high score is that we keep our first response times low across all our channels of support included chat, phone and tickets. We rarely have customers holding on the phone or waiting a long time for a ticket response. I coach my team to have the utmost sense of urgency when it comes to answering our customer inquiries. I ask them to imagine that we are a store and have customers coming up to our counter needing help. If someone is in front of you, would you make that person wait if you aren’t already working with a customer? No, you would drop what you’re doing and help the customer in front of you. Or I guess you could make them wait but what kind of customer service would that be? :) Not the type that I want to give our customers or be given as a customer! The same standard applies for a customer coming in through one of our support channels. We drop what we’re doing and help that live interaction as soon as possible. If you contact support and find yourself on hold, know that we are working hard with other customers and will do everything possible to ensure that you are not holding for long.

Customer feedback is so important to us. It will help us improve our product and service. We want to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. If you are a Jungle Disk customer, be on the lookout for an email survey asking for your overall opinion of Jungle Disk. I hope that you will help us by responding and remember that every response is read by a member of our team and responded to!

Importance of Customer Feedback

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