How Email Archiving Can Save Your Business Money

I often chat with the Jungle Disk support team about frequently asked questions and inquiries from customers. One of the most common questions is how to backup .pst’s (Personal Storage Tables). Pst’s are an open proprietary file format used to store copies of messages, calendar events, and other items within Microsoft software such as Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook. In other words, it’s the copies of your mail data that downloads to your local computer (when using Microsoft mail clients). Since mail data is a huge part of your intellectual property, it seems like a no-brainer to back that data up. In fact, more and more compliance-driven industries require that data to be backed up including Healthcare, Finance, Real-Estate, and Law.

Based on the feedback I hear from the support team, it seems that those .pst files get bigger overtime and take up more of your storage space as mail data grows. In turn, the growing storage space can become costly, especially when you are being billed by the GB per month. This is one of the biggest reasons why your business should move from backing up .pst’s to archiving your email. Jungle Disk’s cloud-based email archiving service securely preserves your electronic communications making it searchable and accessible in the cloud. The best part is you only pay a subscription fee per month per mailbox for an unlimited amount of mail storage for an unlimited amount of time. Taking all of those .pst’s and dumping them into a searchable and secure archive that constantly journals incoming and outgoing emails could save your business lots of money moving forward.

One of the best things about email archiving, as opposed to backing up .pst’s, is the accessibility. The Jungle Disk Emailing Archiving portal is simple to navigate and in seconds can search through hundreds of GB’s of data. Imagine being able to restore an email that your employee accidentally deleted within seconds of their request or being able to provide a legal team temporary log-in credentials so they can see and access the emails they need for a legal project. Time is money and Jungle Disk Email Archiving saves you plenty of time, and thus, plenty of money.

As the email platform paradigm shifts from in-house servers to subscription-based email services, the email archiving solution has never made more economical sense. You can also save money when there is office turnover. I speak with many customers who say something like this in regard to email, “We have 120 Office 365 licenses, but we only have 100 employees. We keep 20 accounts live because it’s the easiest way for us to search for emails of employees who left company.” Email archiving solves this dilemma. You can cancel the licenses for those 20 accounts you aren’t using because the mail data is searchable through the archive. If you’re on the $20/month E3 plan for those 20 accounts, you’re looking at a $400/month cost savings…that’s $4800 a year! The savings are significant. The longer you wait to adopt email archiving, the more you spend.

If you need help evaluating how much money email archiving could save your business, feel free to contact us. We are happy to review your email solution and data to do a cost-benefit analysis. Jungle Disk wants to be sure we protect and preserve your business’ data in a way that makes the most fiscal sense.

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