Network Attached Storage Backup: Backing Up Your NAS

Today, Many offices need the ability to share files quickly and easily between users and through a centralized repository. A common solution is to use a NAS or Network Attached Storage, which allows users to access files over a network connection. However, data on a NAS can be susceptible to accidental file deletion, viruses, theft (for physical NASs), and many other threats or accidents. As a precaution, we recommend backing up your NAS to ensure the data remains safe.

Since NAS data doesn’t reside physically on the computer, how do you select its contents under “What to Backup” using Jungle Disk](

First, you would need the path that your computer uses to map the NAS, called the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path. You can get this path from the command prompt of your computer. To get there, type the Windows key + r and the “Run” prompt will come up. In that prompt, type “cmd” and hit enter. Then, from that command prompt window, type “net use” and hit enter. In the list that populates, you’ll see the NAS and its path that begins with “\”. Make note of that path, since you’ll enter it into Jungle Disk.

Next, click Configure in the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor, and expand the Online Disk and the Backup Vault underneath it. Navigate to “What to Backup” under that Backup Vault’s backup job and click “Add or Change Backup Folders.” In the new window that comes up, click Network Shares. You’ll enter that path you previously made note of into the “Network UNC Path” field. Typically, there is a username and password associated with the NAS, and you’ll enter that as well. The screen will then look similar to the image below:

Jungle Disk

Be sure to click “Add Network Share” when done. The contents will then populate on the left hand side of the window as seen in the image below:

Jungle Disk

You can then select the parent folder of the NAS to backup, or select subfolders and files within the parent folder. You’ll configure the rest of the backup as you would any other by then choosing the schedule and any backup options. After doing this, you are good to go!

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