Bare Metal Backup: Using Jungle Disk to Safeguard Your Images

What is a Bare Metal Backup?

The concept of bare metal backup is to take a snapshot of a physical system as it exists at that moment in time along with all of the updates, programs and services, and being able to restore the system as it was at that point. Bare metal backup has the advantage of being able to restore a system to its original state. However, you may encounter difficulty if the underlying hardware is different than it was originally.

Bare metal recovery was originally used by large data center operators that utilized the same underlying hardware. In the event of a hardware failure, they could restore to exactly the same hardware with very few issues. However, in today’s cloud computing environments, bare metal recovery is no longer necessary but remains as a legacy technology that some business still utilize.

How Can I Use Jungle Disk Along With Bare Metal Backup?

If your business is still utilizing bare metal backups, Jungle Disk can help safeguard them by deduplicating and encrypting your images to a safe off-site location. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t realize that if a hacker were to gain access to your bare metal images, that they could mount the bare metal formatted file as a drive or even utilize the image to run an exact copy of your workstation or server with all of its sensitive data.

Using Jungle Disk to encrypt and remotely store your bare metal backups will help mitigate these risks. Configuring Jungle Disk to backup your bare metal images is a simple process and we are happy to help you with it. Reach out to us if you need assistance.

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