Common Questions and Feedback from Jungle Disk Customers

Our customer support team is challenged every day with a variety of troubleshooting issues. We have customers that need to know how to backup servers, NAS devices and personal computers. For the many questions that we receive, we tend to know most of the answers and if we don’t we will find a solution for our customers.

So, what are some of the commonly asked questions from our customers or even customer input that we hear? You may be surprised, I know I was.

A few examples….

“Where are you guys located”? “Oh, wow I wasn’t on hold long at all!” “I thought I was calling/chatting someone at a huge call center.” “Thank you for calling me, I didn’t realize you were allowed to do that.”

These are just a couple of the most common questions or comments that we get from our customers. A lot of people are used to the same old, run of the mill customer support, long hold times, lots of transfers and maybe even some mediocre customer service. The support team prides itself on tickets, calls and chats being answered and solved in a timely matter. We alert each other if there is a call holding. We also assist each other on tickets and chats if we know our other support team member is busy troubleshooting. We want our customers to have a good experience when it comes to troubleshooting and solving problems.

There are still a lot of customers who think when they contact our support team that we are in a huge call center and maybe in other parts of the world, well we are not. We are located in downtown San Antonio which is quickly growing with tech startups and other new tech related businesses. Our office, in general, has embraced downtown as our home and enjoys sharing our experiences working downtown as well as enjoy the sights and scenes of the growing downtown district.

On many occasions when a customer contacts our support team and knows where we are located this brings down a wall between the customer and the support team member. They know we are more than likely closer than they think and maybe even located in the same city.

Another common practice of our support team is actively reaching out to our customers in a troubleshooting situation. There are times when sending emails back and forth just is not working. There are times when chatting even though convenient requires a call and even a remote screen sharing session that way we can take care of solving the issue in a timely fashion. The support team is responsible for making sure you, the customer, is happy so we give ourselves the power individually to reach out to those customers that need a call. The customer may not even ask for a call but 9 times out of 10 they are surprised that we proactively engaged them to help troubleshoot their support questions or issues.

At Jungle Disk, we want to get to know our customers even if it is a problem solving situation. We want to ensure everything is running well with our software and we will always take the extra step to make sure you are satisfied with Jungle Disk products and our team.

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