How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Jungle Disk Backup Subscription

When signing up for any type of cloud backup service, you and/or your IT professional should take an inventory of your organization’s data, and really think about your needs when it comes to cloud backup. Do you need an archive of old data in case of a rainy day? Do you need easily accessible data at a moment’s notice? Do you need copies of this data both in the cloud and on several computers’ local storage? Do you really need to backup your Fonts folder? (hint: PROBABLY NOT!)

It may be instinctual that you want to back up absolutely everything on your machine. But does that make sense? A few things to think about - What is the use of backing up your Windows install folders from your operating system (OS) drive if you are going to have to reinstall Windows anyways if your machine crashes? You are also going to have to reinstall all of your software in a situation like this, so what’s the use of backing up your programs folder?

Take inventory of your data and prioritize. If you have old tax documents you never access, but need to keep for legal reasons, throw it in a Jungle Disk Backup Vault. If that data never changes, does the backup need to run every 4 hours? Most likely not! Set it to an infrequent backup schedule if the data only changes annually. Another option is to back it up to a Vault and disconnect that Online Disk from all machines and have a permanent archive in your back pocket.

If you’ve got data that needs to be accessed frequently by multiple people, this is a prime candidate for the shared Network Drive. The Network Drive doesn’t have a built in backup function per se, but it does have file versioning. By default, 10 previous or deleted copies of each file are kept for a user-customizable period of time. The number of previous versions kept can also be configured by the end-user. Keep in mind that if this is the ONLY copy of your important business data, you still need to backup your Network Drive to a Vault! All data is susceptible to malware and ransomware, and the best way to protect yourself from this is backups. The more the better! The money you saved not backing up your fonts folder is better used backing up your critical business data!

Some people see the Sync feature of Jungle Disk and instinctually want to sync all of their data. The concepts of “sync” and “backup” are wildly different, and it is critical for users to know the difference. Here’s a sync overview for reference: If you try to sync your entire computers’ contents, your data storage will most likely go wild and you will not get a good value for your money. This is simply due to a misconfiguration because of misunderstanding the feature. Take some time to optimize the software to YOUR unique use case.

Remember, take inventory and look at your data and assess how valuable it is. Some data is wildly more valuable than the rest, so why would you treat it all the same? I can guarantee you that your Fonts folder is not nearly as important as your tax document archive!

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