How Securing Your Sales Process Will Keep You Out of Trouble and Could Help You Win More Deals

Whether you are selling IT, hard goods or just about anything else, your customers want to know that when they engage with you they are in good hands. As if selling wasn’t hard enough, the last thing you need is a cyber-setback like a ransomware attack or data breach while you are trying to make your sales number. Making sure you are protected from every angle will not only protect you, but will also instill confidence in your customers and prospects.

For example, I recently bought some equipment for our home and my salesperson sent me some documents that he wanted me to fill out and email back to him. This may seem like standard stuff except the documents asked for personal information like name, address, phone number, etc. and even more concerning was the ask for my social security number for their records. Not only was I concerned about the fact that I was going to have to transmit this over email but I was also worried about what would happen to the actual paper copies once they reached his office. Who would have access to them? Who would see them? Where would they be stored? These thoughts came into play, especially, since cyber theft is at an all-time high.

If you are in sales, here are some things you can do to add to your daily security posture and will also differentiate you from the pack when you compete for business. Having respectable security hygiene is something you can tout to your customers and will give them confidence they are doing business with a true professional.

  1. Keep safe copies of all your data with a secure, encrypted data backup solution. Philbert Shih, managing director at Structure Research says, “Encrypted data backup is the foundation of a data threat protection solution and it is required by regulation in all businesses that handle sensitive information.” Whether your company uses Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox to store files, you should still have a personal copy of all your data to prevent potential data loss from accidents and attacks. If you need help getting started, you can find out more here.

  2. Always protect yourself from cyber threats by installing an active security network shield on the Internet source you use the most. While you operate online, you need to ensure that you aren’t putting your customers’ data at risk. Malware, ransomware, network intrusions and data loss are all things that can put the brakes on your sales activity and will also force you to make a hard call to your customers that their data was compromised. Is your network secure? Take a free network scan to check now.

  3. When connecting outside of your primary network, always use a virtual private network (VPN). Public WiFi access is littered with hackers and bad actors looking for an easy target. Resist the urge to access business and personal data while using the free WiFi at your favorite coffee shop. Coffee shops, airports and other public WiFi locales can cause big headaches if you aren’t protected. Always use a VPN to create an encrypted tunnel while you use the Internet at these locations.

  4. Keep your inbox safe and up-to-date with a cloud powered email archiving service. Relying on native email recovery tools isn’t enough so make sure you have something with eDiscovery capabilities that will allow you to quickly find emails you need for dealing with legal matters, audits or even worse, accidental deletion and hacker attacks.

Taking the above steps will put you in a position to succeed and will give you peace-of-mind as you work hard to hit that quota! If you have questions or would like to learn more about how Jungle Disk can help to strengthen your sales approach, reach out to one of our experts by phone at 1(888) 601-0401 or email at [email protected] Happy selling!

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