Better Every Day - Improving Jungle Disk with an Incremental Approach

As a business-facing SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) company, the vast majority of our users interact only with our core client software. While this is certainly the “bread-and-butter” of our product, there are more services and uses cases that make everything tick. For our customer administrators, those users who manage their company’s Jungle Disk accounts, the admin control panel website is a vital component of our services that may be used daily. Whether you are a Jungle Disk user, administrator or both; we are always striving to make Jungle Disk a better product and service.

In order to continually make Jungle Disk a better product and service, we take an incremental approach to improving existing services/features and developing new ones. In today’s blog post, I’ll demonstrate the efficacy of this approach by digging into a couple of the latest improvements we’ve made to our customer administration control panel.

Recent Releases and Improvements

In the past couple of weeks, our development and operations teams have introduced two new features to our admin control panel.

First, we’ve implemented a feature that allows customers to add additional contact information to their accounts. Customers can now add a primary phone number, secondary email and secondary phone number to their account’s contact information. Our development team is still in the process of “wiring up” this feature behind the scenes, but will start by sending billing-related emails to the secondary email on file. As for phone numbers, we’ll implement a SMS notification service with which we’ll send billing-related notifications via text/SMS. As is our approach, we’ll incrementally improve and expand this feature to other communications, like backup reporting.

Multiple Contacts and Methods

Second, we’ve added the ability for customers to remove individual backup reports from their account. When users get new computers or when servers get swapped out, customers often end up with “old” backup reports in the history available in the admin control panel. Until the release of this feature, administrators would have to contact our support team to perform this task for them. It’s a simple feature, but demonstrates our approach to incremental improvements.

Backup Reporting Management

What’s on the Horizon?

The features described above are just an example of how we approach making improvements to Jungle Disk, there are many more improvements being made to our infrastructure and backend services on a nearly daily basis. Where our core client software is concerned, we’re in the final testing stages of some really significant performance improvements to our backup engine.

Overall, our goal is to always make Jungle Disk a better, more useful product for our customers. I hope that this small example provides some insight into our approach and delivery in regards to this goal.

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