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Air Force Cyber Recruiting - Week 33 of Cyber Talk Radio

Show Summary

This past Saturday, May 13, episode 33 of Cyber Talk Radio hit the air on 1200 WOAI and iHeartRadio streaming. I was joined by TSgt. Dyamie Baker, Air Force Technical Sergeant, to discuss cyber recruiting in the Air Force..

In the first half of the show, we kick off by having TSgt. Baker share her story around how she joined the U.S. Air Force and started a career in cyber recruiting. TSgt Baker works for the 960th Cyberspace Operations Group. Their mission is to organize, train and equip citizen Airmen to build, operate, secure, defend and extend into cyberspace. It is comprised of 15 units spanning from California to Virginia and everywhere in between. TSgt specific role is to locate highly qualified and motivated individuals and make them a part of the Air Force Reserve team. Cyber Dominance is their goal! Did you know there are over 1,500 positions open right now in the U.S. Air Force ranging from entry level and up? All of the positions that TSgt. Baker recruits for require top security clearance, basic fitness requirements and also have an age limit of 39. Check out Air Force Reservefor more information on job opportunities.

In the second half of the show, we go over what the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test is and how you can best prepare for the test. TSgt. Baker recommends looking online for prep materials or books such as ASVAB for Dummies. To qualify to take the test, you have to be at least 17 with parental consent and have a GED or high school diploma. Also, in case you didn’t know, you don’t have to be a U.S. citizen to serve. However, to have top secret clearance you need to have your citizenship. According to the Peninsula Press analysis of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “the overall cybersecurity labor shortage translates into over 290,000 cybersecurity jobs currently unfilled.” There is clearly a growing demand for cybersecurity talent especially in the Air Force so reach out to TSgt. Baker if you would like to get more details on job opportunities!

To hear more about Air Force cyber recruiting, watch the replay here!

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